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From:  Den Lennie

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My Name is Den and I produced, directed, filmed and edited this project featuring Dan Chung.    I conceived the training and want to share some excerpts from this intensive 2hrs training programme with you.

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In the first video you’ll learn exactly how to achieve great sound on a DSLR as Dan shows you his process for basic audio recording.  You can watch this short video and immediately be armed with the tools to go out and shoot great sound on low cost audio gear yourself.  He shows you which mics he uses and how he uses them.  These quick and easy tips are really valuable if you’re new to video.  I wish someone had shared them with me when I first got started with DSLR video.

Look, I’ve been shooting for over 20 years  and REALLY want to help you get started.  But you gotta take  a little action to get off the ground.

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