Dan Chung & Den Lennie On Location in Malaysia

True Convergence On Assignment

Dan Chung has been a working photojournalist for over fifteen years.  He has been a staff photographer at Reuters and at the Guardian covering many of the world’s big news events like the Iraq war, the Tsunami and the Pakistan and Sichuan earthquakes. An early adopter of new imaging technologies, he was one of the first to use pro digital SLRs and also one of the first news photographers to regularly shoot DSLR HD video. He now works and lives in Asia working as a multimedia photographer shooting editorial and commercial work as well as training others on DSLR video.

Den Lennie has spent as long working in Broadcast Television as a Lighting Cameraman.  Den runs F-Stop Academy now providing training and mentoring for Aspiring filmmakers and helping professionals to migrate to new technologies like D-SLR Video.

Both Dan And Den started working at the Reuters International News Agency in 1994 , but never knew each other because back then TV and Stills were very different disciplines.

Today the story is quite different.  Convergence and the demand for multimedia content is such that the lines between photography and video are far narrower.

This collaboration cements that notion.  Not only are we working together but we’re learning from each other and making great images.