Tuesday July 26, 2016

3 Free DSLR Video Tutorials

Get Your 3 Free D-SLR Video Tutorials Learn techniques that will get you Out shooting great D-SLR video immediately From:  Den Lennie 3:14 PM Hi, My Name is Den and I produced, directed, filmed and edited this project featuring Dan Chung.    I conceived the training and want to share some excerpts from this intensive 2hrs […]

Vimeo Festival Awards Nomination for Dan Chung

This film has been nominated for a Vimeo Festival Award in the documentary catergory. A horse trainer and his 10-year-old jockey face the biggest day of their year at Mongolia’s Naadam festival, which dates back to before Genghis Khan’s time and celebrates the ‘manly sports’ of wrestling, archery and racing. By guardian.co.uk staff Dan Chung […]

Dslr Video and Sound – The Challenges & Solutions

Recording Sound on a D-SLR is one of the major drawbacks in the otherwise rose tinted world of D-SLR Film making. There are 4 key considerations: On Camera Solutions Dual Sound Solutions Audio Monitoring Learning to ‘think’ in sound So let’s begin by looking at the 3 on camera solutions. Built in Mic So this […]

3 Tips Photographers Need Before Shooting D-SLR Video

The most significant differences to stills photography are Sound, Movement and Editing Audio Audio is half of video and it’s probably the single hardest thing to get your head around as a photographer new to shooting DSLR video.  You have to spend as much time as possible getting to know audio.  In fact a great […]